Ermione on rock

Supriya Ermione is a Circus Performer, Butoh Dancer, Art Director, Tantrika and Ayurveda practitioner. Over the years her path brought her to studying Clownerie, Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda. She is trainer in Tao Tantric Arts, in Kundalini Awakening, the magic of sex in ISTA and in Tantra with Shashi Solluna, Agama and John Hawken; Her passion is using movements, rituals, theatre and dance to embody “the art of intimacy”, and inspires artistic projects devoted to conscious relationships and sacred sexuality.

Supriya is italian, born in the city of love, Verona. She is firmly dedicated to celebrate life through theatre, dance and circus. In Italy she initiated two communities dedicated to homeless people and a Circus school. She lives mostly in Italy where she works as an artist, art director and tantrika, otherwise travelling and teaching around the world and having her second home in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

She was training on intimacy and conscious relationship, on non violent communication and process work. She is the founder of Ludica Circo, Tantra Performing Art and of Italia Tantra Gathering where she is the organizer and the art director. She teaches the way of the sacred body, the nudity of the sacred clown and she share tantra teachings.

She feels that the work of ISTA and the trainings has brought to her life a deep integration of polarity, so that she can play even better with al kind of polarity so much that the play became the manifestation of a magic union in the tribe, she is now creating a tribe in italy called Italia Tantra Gathering to elevate human spirit and heal the shame, guilt,and fear in the land of Italy.


The Fool Inside of You

Italian with translation

The clown is the sacred shaman, the ancient European symbol of freedom and love, he knows how to play power game, how to tell the worst truth with a smile and how to manipulate emotions. Is he crazy or is he aligned with the cosmos?
Mostly in life we hold back so much from our power. How juicy is life going to be if we just not take care too much about judgement, fears and bad emotions? they can became tools to create a beautiful game between shadow and light.

The workshop will guide you in your scariest truth and in your darkest power.
With its about to play, be crazy, show up and manifest your power!

The Art of Intimacy

Italian with translation

After a small theoretical part about anathomy and taoism we will explore and express the power of the movement in itself; the polarity of different touching: the self love will became the base to explore the pain of being close
without touching or to be touched but without intimacy. We will explore the craziness of the touch in itself. The workshop will guide you in a journey of your body as a powerful tool of releasing pain and pleasure at the same time:
where is the shifting place between pleasure and pain? between craziness and the catharsis?

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