La quarta corda

Andrea is La quarta corda rope artist.
He has attended lessons with important European and Japanese teachers. The meeting with
Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki in Tokyo has been fundamental to move into the traditional
Japanese bondage.
La quarta corda style is based on on communication through the ropes, a very captivating
kinbaku with a strong control of the bottom.
Going through a continuous process of development, Andrea adapted some patterns and
created his own, achieving a personal style, where tradition and innovations go hand in
La quarta corda teaches and performs throughout Europe, as guest at important events as
Shibari Showparty, Moscow knot, Shibari dojo Varsaw, London Festival of Rope Art,
BoundCon, Rome BDSM Conference, Bound, EURIX, Ecole des cordes, ecc.
In 2017 La quarta corda lauched a new project: Nawame, the first free webbook about
Japanese bondage, with tutorials, videos and articles on the world of Kinbaku and on La
quarta corda style.


The Circle

La quarta corda
Italian with translation

A group experience in which top and bottom are in front of each other and in this situation we will experience all the elements that characterize playing with the ropes but enriched by the fact that each time we will be faced with a different partner with whom to dialogue through the ropes.

An experience of personal and group growth in which it will not only be a matter of tying or being tied up but in which we will necessarily have to put communication at the centre.

So a rope will mean the entry into space of another person, asking and giving permission, a meeting, a game, and a speech one rope at a time.

After all, this is exactly what we should do every time we bind with ropes.

Strategy and Torment

A journey within yourself

La quarta corda

Using force is not the best solution in bondage. Sometimes having a right "strategy", a good "Kakehiki", allow you to overcome a limit to the partner, to do something without him feeling forced. We must have the same strategy when we want to work with "torment" on our partner.

"Seme" does not only mean torture, but also torment. It means discovering his weaknesses, his fears, his emotions and pushing him to live them in a consensual, intimate and controlled context, in order to come out stronger and more purified at the end.

In this workshop we will talk about Kotobazeme (torture with the word), Shuuchinawa (rope of shame), Shikarizeme (torture of reproach). We will not use complex ligatures but we will focus on the communication that we can establish through them.

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