Xa Na lives in the world of Shiatsu since 2000.

Since then her path to holistic and sensory growth continues on multiple levels as experimenter, not only in the massage and physical stimulation but also on spiritual levels, changes and personal evolution.
She often mixing the Aikido teachings and her experiences of contamination between body, mind and spirit.

Her next goal is to reach a fusion and interaction between Bodywork and BDSM.


Shiatsu & Shibari


Shiatsu and Shibari are both disciplines born in Japan.
They have in common, according to my experience, some traits and they can be complementary for others.
When I first met the world of ropes I was already a Shiatsu therapist for some years, concepts like vital energy, meridians, pressure resonated familiar in my mind and I was looking for their expressive dimension.

The world of Shibari had always ideally fascinated me, and I felt that the two things could be complementary, so I tried to make experience of them together, testing the possible correspondence between the two disciplines.

In this workshop we will explore what are the common points between the world of ropes, the restrictions and the pressure and pressure points, we will work with the breath and try to go beyond the surface of our body

No previous experience is necessary, if possible bring your own ropes.

Belly To Belly

An Act of Creation


Our life is created inside a womb.
The belly is the center of our body and the place where life begins, but it is also where we process the food that we eat to take nourishments and what we need to live.

The belly is also the center of the body that is trained in martial arts, the deep part of ourselves where the biggest and strongest energy that we own lies, waiting to be awakened and used for creation.

Life itself is an act of creation.
In this workshop, through some simple techniques to awake the sexual energy, we will connect to each other through our bellies.
And we will let it flow out, and it will become a movement, a sexual act, a sound, a poem, even a drawing if you bring the paper and the colors.
We will experiment how life is created through the energy in our belly.

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