Sharka Rey

I am a Czech born and Basel-based bodyworker, yoga teacher, international retreat and workshop organiser, conscious sexuality educator with experience in and passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, contact improvisation, theatre improvisation, and martial arts.

From 2009 to 2012 I studied psychology at West London University which helps me to differentiate subtle aspects of the human psyche and its processes. Since 2013 I have been connected to the Schwelle7 project in Berlin (an artistic & educational venue for body/mind/conscious sexuality practices) created by Felix Ruckert who remains a respected influence and inspiration. I received yoga teaching qualification in India in 2013 and was invited to teach at the same school, Bindusar Yoga School Rishikesh, right after. After, I moved to the Philippines creating there a yoga community and regular “‘Weekend Well-Being Retreats” in Sibulan. From 2014 to 2017 I had been organising annual ”Contact Improvisation Event in the Philippines” with international teachers, introducing this form of alternative movement practice to local communities. Next to that I worked on human empowerment at the local detention center, and with sexually abused women using such tools as movement therapy, yoga, meditation and general psychology. In 2015, I moved my base to Berlin from where, I started to conduct international retreats and workshops in England, Spain, Holland, Germany, Norway, Australia and the Philippines on conscious sexuality, movement, empowerment, personal growth and yoga. Besides, I have been involved in various artistic projects as a performer.

I like to inspire people sharing my varied experiences and perspectives on living life. I like exploring limits of different intensities, both subtle and extreme. With my workshops I invite you to be a part of the magical and transformative space ‘in between’ where change occurs and new rituals are born.

‘’Learning is movement from moment to moment’’ (Krishnamurti)


The Mouth

Sharka Rey
English with translation

What does your mouth mean to you?

How much are you aware of it?

Do you use its full potential?

Can you imagine your life without it?

I would like to invite you for a 90min workshop in which we first engage in discussion and then dive into the mouth/jaw exploration. We will be looking at various faculties such significant body entrance and exit point has to offer, relaxation techniques, bitting, sucking, kissing, and dragging.


Sharka Rey
English with translation

Imagine acroyoga as a dance where our boundaries are open and flexible.

This workshop will explore simple partner acrobatic positions and how we can kink them up. There will be an opportunity to enjoy nudity and play with your beautiful genitals which are very often underestimated in acroyoga.

This workshop requires presence, trust, surrender, playfulness and communication. We will investigate touch and how to direct another person’s body in space.

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