Pleasure Rocks

Barbara Stimoli & Titta
Italian with translation

Bio of the duo Pornopoetica

Their bodies and lives met in the research about sexuality and pleasure, which both were investigating since many years. Documentarist, filmmaker and director, dancer, choreographer and performer: the two different backgrounds and multiple languages, the
eclecticism and the experience of activism and political investigation are mixed in their productions.

photo by Alessia Bernardini

“The orgasmic force favors no organ over any other, so that the penis possesses no more orgasmic force than the vagina, the eye, or the toe” 

Paul B. Preciad
Pleasure rocks

is a research on the border between eros and pornographer, for new imaginations and unconventional pleasures. A composite project that uses together different languages: photography, performance, sound. The title accompanies the meaning of the work: through a play on words “Pleasure Rocks” at the same time speaks of pleasure in itself, “pleasure is beautiful/bad” and of the infinite possibilities of pleasure, here “the pleasure of stones”.
The project is a collaboration between the artists Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli, authors of the Pornopoetica project.

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