Kill The Mediterranean In You And Any Other Hidden Pride

Anna Natt & Nehra Stella

For all the work we do to eradicate deeply ingrained socialized behaviors, there are still residual traces of pride lingering deep below the surface of consciousness that we may not be aware of…pride in one’s country, in one’s gender, in one’s economic class or adherence to a particular social group.

The very name “Mediterranean” underscores the belief that this was, is and will forever be the center of the earth; is there anything more pompous than that? You know it, it is time to kill the Mediterranean in you.

Lay down at our feet, beg forgiveness and purge any lingering smugness about where you were born.

We will employ the wrath of Nero, the ruthlessness of the Spanish Inquisition and all the shame of the Catholic church in order to leave you feeling cleansed and free.

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