Francesca D'Onofrio

Orgasmic is a work on orgasm. Orgasmic as the potential of each person's to satisfy desire.
What is orgasm?
What aspects of us lead us to its achievement?
What hold back our access to pleasure?
What is our willingness to experience the "little death" and to reopen, to be reborn, each time to enjoyment? If it is true that happiness passes through our sexual pleasure, if the benefits of an orgasm reverberate in all aspects of our lives, here is an opportunity to explore together the world of pleasure, the very personal universe of enjoyment and inseparably link it to all the pleasures of life and happiness. Our body is predisposed to give us pleasure: knowing it, loving it and respecting it we can get rid of prejudices and taboos that hinder the possibility of enjoying it in various forms.

The workshop will be a short trip.
We will start from the knowledge of us, from the anatomical-physiological and neurological bases, to touch the deepest aspects of our emotionality related to sexual pleasure. We will identify any obstacles to achieving pleasure and contribute to their removal. We will experience all the phases of the path by bringing into play the bodies, emotions and fantasies that animate them.
By comparing the ways everyone has experienced, we will enrich everyone's baggage in the journey towards pleasure.