Melania Mieli

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Pop Porn Fantasies

Melania Mieli

Secret, hidden, wrong. Thus sexual fantasies are perceived from the right-thinking side of the societies we inhabit. Unless it is the hetero-regulated product, built on the stereotyped desire of the western male, which invades films, traditional porn and even commercials. Public appreciation and the valorisation of “tame” virtues, such as elegance and purity, create castrating limits to the fabulousness of our minds. It is there that deliciously wicked fantasies live there. And getting them out is the first and strongest act of rebellion we can give. In this workshop we will give voice to our most sublime thoughts. We will express ourselves and listen, discovering new things about ourselves. We will find a treasure of inspirations, desires, words that will be important to share, starting with those around us. Let’s train ourselves to make ourselves known in our fullness: it is a powerful sign of trust and respect that we can recognize to those who love us.

Feminist Leadership

Melania Mieli

In our daily life we are accustomed to see the leaders of patriarchal society acting in all their “splendor”: white males walking with a briefcase 24 hours of skin in hand, rampant politicians shouting outrageous slogans, fasting donors of culture of consensus. But power is not a machist prerogative. Re-discussing the asymmetry of power, status, resources, which is built and supported by sexist practices today takes on a particular urgency because this imbalance limits cultural, civil and sexual development. Investigating authority with courage thus becomes a weapon to raise awareness of one’s strengths and limiting behavior.
During this workshop we will investigate the formal and the erotic power, we will grasp the ongoing transformations and we will experiment with new forms of influence.

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